Online Appointments


Online Appointments

The UCCS Writing Center now offers real-time online appointments through WCOnline, our scheduling system.

Things You'll Need:

  1. Computer with a working camera and microphone
  2. A quiet space
  3. Reliable Internet access
  4. Headphones (optional)

If these are not available to you, it might be better to come to the Writing Center in person. We do not conduct appointments over the phone.

To Schedule an Online Appointment with a Consultant:

  1. Click on "Make an Appointment" button on our home page.

    Schedule your appointment like normal, but choose "yes" in the drop down menu that asks if you would like an online appointment.

  2. Before the session begins, double check to make sure your camera and microphone are functioning.
  3. Check in to your online appointment at least five minutes early.

    This will give you time to copy and paste your project into the WCOnline whiteboard, as well as check for any technical issues before the session begins.

Please use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Otherwise, you will be unable to join the online session.

If your technology issues can't be solved in 5-10 minutes, you may need to reschedule your appointment or come to the Writing Center in-person. 

UCCS Writing Center
Online Appointment Guide

This guide will walk you through how to access your online appointment with the UCCS Writing Center. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to call the Writing Center for assistance at 719-255-4336.

Step 1: When it's time for your appointment, sign in to our online appointment schedule with your username and password at

screenshot of the WC Online login page

Step 2: Click the red box on the schedule that matches your appointment time.

screenshot of the WC Online schedule page

Step 3: Click "Start or Join Online Consultation"

screenshot of the WC Online start consultation box

Step 4: Make sure that your camera and microphone are working correctly by clicking the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the appointment box.

screenshot of the camera button in WC Online

Step 5: Copy your project into the large whiteboard in the middle of the appointment box. Your text will show up highlighted on screen.

screenshot of an example project pasted into the WC Online appointment box

Step 6: Introduce yourself to the consultant and start the session!